Our Universal Music Language, llc - Musics' powerful form of expression & personal improvement tool:
Our Universal Language, llc, offers a philosophy of music education that values artistic, musical and therapeutic experiences for all those who take the opportunity to embrace its beauty and to realize its exceptional benifits for themselves and of course for others.  The future of music therapy is a promising one because even state of the art music therapy research in physical rehabilitation, alzheimer's disease,and psychoneuroimmunology are documenting the effectiveness of music therapy in terms that are important in the context of a biological medical model.  
Our Universal Language, llc, provides our students, both young and old, the opportunity to develop and nurture their musical interests on their own instrument, in the comfort of their own home.  Our Universal Language, llc wishes to accommodate and work with all levels of talent, from beginner to advanced. 
We have been  giving music lessons in northeast Ohio for over seven years! Our professional personal performance coaches bring the music lessons right to you, in your own home, or other locations of choice.  We proudly service the Columbus Ohio region and surrounding areas.   We can provide music lessons, in Cincinnati Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, Youngstown Ohio, and Warren Ohio along with select and limited areas of Pennsylvania. 
Our Universal Language, llc specializes in Piano lessons, Guitar lessons and Vocals. We provide our personalized music lessons on site. Be it a home, a school, a church or an activity center. Our  trained,professional, and experienced, instructors provide a conducive and  positive musical experience structured with the best interest of you and your family in mind.          
  FREE lessons for referrals for months JUNE and JULY and your first consultation is FREE!
If You Would Like More Information About Our Universal Language,llc,  call 330-881-4045 and/or 614-805-5780.
Why Our Universal Language, llc?
• No need to drive to and from lessons every week. We come to you!
• Lessons offered weekly in 30 minute or more intervals
• Flexible scheduling by week for your busy schedule 
• A music library is available for students to borrow music 
• Payments are collected monthly or by lesson with no long term commitments or obligations
• Students can learn on their own instrument in the comfort of their own home
• Discounted rates for special groups, schools, nursing homes and community organizations
• Optional recitals and other performance opportunities available
• Lessons available for childrens music lessons, teen music lessons, and adult music lessons. 
• Your 1st consultation is FREE and FREE lessons for referrals in JUNE and JULY!
• Do you want to know how to help peoples' physical and financial wefare, while helping others? 
Who Our Services Are For:
• Beginners
• Moderate to advanced players
"This letter serves as a recommendation for Kathy Soltis-cyhan of Our universal Language, llc.  I have known Kathy for almost 2 years. She has given all three of my daughters piano lessons and my son guitar lessons during this time.My children love Kathy and look forward to their lessons every week.  They have progressed wonderfully with her.  I have never heard Kathy be anything but kind and encouraging with them.  My girls had taken lessons before from someone else, and were not that inspired to practice.  Now they fight over the piano! Kathy seems to really "click" with kids.  I highly recommend Kathy Soltis-cyhan as a music teacher and as a positive influence for kids!"     Contact Avail ref RB #1
"We would like to recommend Kathy Soltis-cyhan to you as a piano taeacher.  Kathy has been teaching piano to our son, M_____, for over a year.  She is very professional and knowledgeable in her field.  She works well with her students, and meets them at their level.  She is also very enthusiastic, motivating , and makes music fun.  Our son enjoys his lessons, in large part due to the fact that Kathy is very updeat and encouranging.  She is excellent at helping him improve in whatever musical area he needs.  In addition, she is flexable and cooperative in working around any occasional change in schedule that may occur.  Our son has made great progress under her teaching, and really enjoys his music.  It is a great pleasure that we recommend Kathy Soltis-cyhan to you as a piano teacher."     Contact Avail  ref EF #2
"This Letter of recommendation is on behalf of Kathy Soltis-cyhan, piano instructor.  Kathy began piano instruction with my 10 year old son, A______ in june 2007.  A______ is a beginner with some previous guitar instruction.  He also has a receptive/expressive speech delay.  Kathy spoke with me at length to determine which program would be sitable for A_____ at the beginner level.  She chose an adult beginner course for him and he has done incredibly well.  He is rapidly progressing through  the course.  Kathy has tremendous patience and understanding with my child.  A_____ is a bright child with a tendency to be a perfectionist.  He does not like to make mistakes.  She handles his frustration during difficult pieces with kindness and understanding.  She is quickly able  to calm him  and teach him how to  successfully accomplish the lesson which is frustrating him.  She is sure that he has succcessfully completed what was taught in the previou lesson and than moves onto the new lesson.  My son is always excited for his piano lesson and practices often.
He looks forward to seeing Kathy each week and for each lesson.  Her competence and talent as an instructor is very apparent to me a well as the ability to the needs of the student. It is my belief that she is qualified instructor and capable of accomlishing any type of advancement within the profession."    Contact Avail  ref NG #3
"At the age of 35 I've finally been able to complete a life long wish.  I've learned to play piano!  Thanks to Kathy I can now add piano playing to my list of hobbies that I enjoy.  Kathy has been a kind and patient teacher that is truly professional.If you are looking for an enthusiastic
teacher that can help you appreciate music in a fun way she's the one.TU Contact Avail ref AS#4
"Let this letter serve as my highest recommendation on the teaching ability of Kathy Soltis-cyhan.  I have worked along side her for the past to years and have personally witnessed both her professionalism and ability to share her musical knowledge with her students.  Her work ethic is second to none and her dedication is unmatched.  In addition to teaching voice, guitar and piano, she has substituted for me on many occasions, teaching a wide variety of instruments.  Should you have any questions or want to speak to me further on this mtter,  please write, call or e-mail me using the provided information above, and I would be most happy to go into further detail.  I am sure you will find your experience the Kathy both educational and pleasant."   Contact Avail Ref RT #5
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